Pinehurst, NC

Away from the hustle bustle of large cities, living in a small town or village like Pinehurst can be a breath of fresh air for people seeking serenity in life. Pinehurst was built in 1895 as a health resort for those who were tired of a busy hectic life and were in need of a sanctuary.

Today, it has a similar effect on visitors.

Come To Pinehurst For A Game Of Golf

The climate of Pinehurst is ideal for outdoor activities in the summer and is the perfect weekend getaway for golf lovers.

The Pinehurst resort is one of the most prestigious golf resorts in the USA. It boasts the village’s best-known golf course: Pinehurst No. 2. Thus, if you love a game of golf, you should set your sights at Pinehurst and already be on your way here.

Recreational Activities

In search of a picnic spot? Look no further. The reservoir park is a beautiful setting for a day out. It seems straight out of a fairytale movie; with lakes and ducks, birds, and other wildlife.

People who visit Pinehurst from metropolitan cities appreciate everything that the reservoir park offers. Nature lovers are bound to fall in love with Pinehurst after a stroll in this park.

Activities that are common here are biking, running, fishing, and boating. Plus, there is no admission fee. Doesn’t all this sound like a dream destination for you and your family?

If that wasn’t enough, Pinehurst has proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches and mountains. It is ideally located near international airports and other bigger cities in North Carolina for greater accessibility.

Safety: A Deciding Factor For Property Investment

Pinehurst is one of the safest cities in North Carolina. With a community as small and peaceful as this one, there’s little chance of violence or crime. This makes Pinehurst the perfect place to invest if you’re looking for a promising real estate market.

Moreover, you can expect a higher standard of living here as the average income of the residents ($49,632) is well above the US average. This means that the property value in this village is high and the real estate market is stable given how safe the village is.

Settling In Pinehurst

Pinehurst is the place to be at if you’re looking for fine quality of life.

This small village is the perfect place for children to grow up if you want them to appreciate nature and learn community values. The quality of education at your disposal when you’re a resident of Pinehurst is excellent, with several schools to choose from.

Given how calm this village is, it’s also a suitable choice for couples looking for a place to spend their retirement years.


The calm and peaceful village of Pinehurst not only attracts visitors but many people wishing to settle in. It’s also why investors view it as a healthy real estate market.

While you’re visiting the town, go ahead and tour the various properties to select the best one. Then, when you plan to sell your property, Painless Home Buying will be just a call away!

Making the process as smooth as possible, we will purchase the property from you with an offer that you simply won’t be able to refuse!


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