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An Overview of Lee County, Places to See, and Local Real Estate

Established in 1907 and named after a leader in the American Civil War, Lee County rests in the heart of North Carolina. The beautiful city of Sanford serves as the county seat and offers several activities for tourists on the go.

Accessibility Left and Right

The primary merit of being in the heart of any state is how accessible it can be. North Carolina is accessible from several major highways, including:

  • US 1
  • US 15
  • NC 42
  • NC 78
  • NC 87
  • US 421
  • US 501

So, the next time you are passing by, don’t forget to stop by.

River, Creek, Plateau, and Hills!

Lee County has a diverse geographic terrain that will leave you with no shortage of tourist destinations. You will find the Cape Fear River flowing through the county and eventually flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you can also find the Piedmont plateau in the north and the Sandhills in the South!

Golfing & Fitness Like Never Before!

How is it that you find such a diverse landscape and not have a golfing spirit? There’s plenty of that here!

You will find not just one or two, but four golfing clubs in the county. You can choose to spend your day playing golf on the Carolina-Lakes, Quail Ridge, Tobacco Road, or Sanford Municipal Golf Course.

If you want to enjoy other sports and recreational activities, you get to choose from a wide assortment:

  • Kayaking
  • Dance
  • Soccer
  • Bike Racing

Parks, Arts, and History

There’s much for you to enjoy if you are a fan of arts and history too!

You can catch a great evening of music and singing at the Lee County Arts Council, Lee County Community Orchestra, or Heart of Carolina Jazz Orchestra.

Want to enjoy some movies? Head to the Spring Lake Cinemas now!

In addition, if you want some fun and excitement while enjoying the culture, attend the Sanford Arts and Vine Festival.

But where do you go if you want to spend some quality family time? Get to any of the following parks with your entire family now:

Lee County also has its own retreats for the introverts, who find it best to cozy up in a corner with perhaps their favorite book in their hands. For such a quiet day of reading, head to the Lee County Library.

This shows that Lee County has something for the likes of all, and there nothing that you cannot find here – making it all the more attractive a place to be in!

Finding Yourself a Great Place in Lee County

The county offers ideal living conditions with several types of housing. Be it single-family homes, condos, or townhouses nothing stays on the market for too long.

As of September 2020, the county had plenty of extra supply of homes, which makes Lee County a predominantly buyer’s market. The cities of Colon and Buffalo Lake offer the highest median listing prices, but Sanford City offers the highest turnover rates.

After a steep slump in the summer of 2019, the selling price for real estate in 2020 is often above the list price. But the gap is minimal, so you really have to wait for a good buyer to come in before you can make a sale.

Lee County – The Place to Be

There is no doubt that Lee County boasts many benefits for its residents. From the vibrant history to a variety of sports, the opportunities to explore and enjoy are endless.

But making the transition to another county requires effort; beginning with selling your current home. This is where Painless Home Buying comes in.
You can promptly sell your house at your own convenience, and that too for the best price to us. Yes, that’s right!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

Historical Pricing of Real Estate in Lee County

Graph of Real Estate Prices in Lee County


Historical Real Estate Prices in Lee County, North Carolina

Other Areas$130,122$144,908$140,007
Info Provided by North Carolina Real Estate Commission

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