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Things to do in Harnett County, NC and the Local Real Estate Market

Harnett County is located in the Coastal Plain of central North Carolina, amidst Raleigh and Fayetteville.

With a blend of rich culture and rural setting, Harnett County offers the best of many worlds. Its ever-expanding educational and health opportunities with remarkable economic growth make it an ideal county to live in – also making it one of the fastest-growing counties in North Carolina.

If you adore nature and want a home in the countryside with contemporary facilities and opportunities, Harnett County is one place you should definitely consider.

Harnett Country: An Overview

Let’s begin with an overview of what Harnett County presents to all:

  • It’s on I-95, just midway between NYC and Florida.
  • Founded in 1855, it is named after Cornelius Harnett- an American Revolutionary war soldier.
  • It stretches over 601 square miles, spanning 10 towns and cities; the largest city being Dunn.
  • The estimated population of Harnett County is 135,976.

The Local Cultural Experience

Boasting a vibrant heritage, Harnett County and its residents are proud of their culture. Composed of great musical performances, theatres, and art; the country’s exciting history is preserved in great historical sites and plentiful scenic trails.

Educational Facilities

Harnett County has an 86% high school graduation rate. It’s home to the renowned Campbell University. Other than that, four more universities are providing outstanding education with specializations in most fields.

So, you don’t have to travel for hours to reach your school. Educational institutions are quite easily accessible with an option to get a degree from nearby urban areas.


Harnett County is home to beautiful parks and recreational facilities; from Dunn-Erwin Rail Trail, Cape Fear River Trail Park to Neil’s Creek County Park, and Barbecue Creek County Park.

When feeling a little blue, surround yourself with the beauty of nature – and you will be as refreshed as ever.


A county in full support of sports, Harnett County has six golf courses and grounds for budding sports enthusiasts. Whether you are fond of basketball and football, or wish to practice your horse riding skills – you can find it all here.

For people who prefer to ditch the athletic games and switch to swimming instead, there are various areas designated for that too.

Real Estate in the Region

Harnett County is a great place to make your forever homestead.

Albeit a rural county, it is right in the middle of urban areas; thereby enhancing accessibility and providing numerous business opportunities and great facilities.

Not only this, enriched with natural beauty and rich culture, the county is an attraction for all. So, if you’re planning to settle in Harnett County, you’ve got plenty of options and that also provide a low cost of living! In fact, the cost of living in Harnett County is 11.8% lower than the rest of the U.S.

In addition to this, the region boasts decent employment opportunities, a relatively lower crime rate, and access to towns like Angier, Sanford and Lillington.

The Bottom line

Harnett County is a thriving and dynamic place to live. Period.

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Historical Real Estate Prices in Harnett County

Graph of Historical Real Estate Prices in Harnett County

Historical Real Estate Prices in Harnett County, North Carolina

Spring Lake$143,584$150,151$157,431
Info Provided by North Carolina Real Estate Commission

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