Durham, NC


Durham is the county seat of the Durham County and transcends into the neighboring Orange and Wake county boundaries. Known for being the fourth most populous city in North Carolina, Durham has a little bit of everything for everyone.

The Railway and Tobacco

This state capital is named after Barlett S. Durham, who donated his land for the city’s railway depot in 1849.

The railway depot proved essential for the growth of the county’s tobacco industry, which began to flourish after the Civil War. The Bull Durham Tobacco Factory was set up to supervise the development of the tobacco industry.

As it grew, the city turned to new industries such as electric power and textiles too. Today, it is known most for the higher education institutions that are located there.

Parks, Recreation and Sports in Durham

The city has several facilities for sports and athletics. The Durham Bulls Baseball and the Hillandale Golf Course are among the best-known spaces in the city. Simultaneously, the premier university in Durham – Duke University – offers its own athletics programs.

You can find the Durham Bulls Athletic Park open for all your leisure and sporting activities on all days.

Arts, Theater and Festivals

The city of Durham has its unique festivals that bring in people from all around the world. Among the many festivals that its people take part in, some are:

  1. OutSouth Queer Film Festival
  2. American Dance Festival
  3. Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
  4. Tobacco Road Dance
  5. Durham Ballet Theater
  6. Festival for the Eno
  7. Bimbe’ Cultural Arts Festival
  8. Click! Photography Festival

The city is known for its taste in music and houses several independent record labels. So, if you know how to make music; this is the place to begin your musical career.

Apart from music, the city is known for its arts and theater. Notable theaters, such as the Carolina Theater, are very popular. The Hayti Heritage Film Festival takes place in the city each year.

Thus, the people of Durham give you plenty of chances to enjoy and become one of them.

Durham – State of the Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Durham is a very competitive one. Most homes sell above list price and sell as quickly as 22 days, while typically, homes can sell in about 41 days.

The city offers one of the most sought-after real estate in the entire country. In as little as just two years after the 2008 real estate market crash, Durham presented itself as an ideal investment location given its stable economy.

Over the past ten years, Durham’s real estate market has gone up by approximately 27%! The neighborhoods of City Center and N Duke Street present the fastest appreciating neighborhoods in the city.

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