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An Overview of Chatham County, NC and the Local Real Estate

Named in honor of the 1st Earl of Chatham, William Pitt, Chatham County is an exciting blend of history and adventure. Whether you are planning on a fun-filled vacation or for your next home, the county should definitely be on your list!

Rich History

Going as far back as the early 1700s, the town is steeped in history and tradition. The Chatham County Courthouse and Historical Museum are a must-visit for those interested in taking a trip into the past.
Moreover, the architecture itself speaks of the county’s history. Bynum Bridge, the longest remaining tee bridge in the state is almost a century old!

Action and Adventure-Packed

Not much of a history buff? Don’t worry, Chatham County is full of surprises and fun activities.
A green space spanning over 46,000 acres, the Jordan Dam and Lake area is a multi-purpose recreational facility. From picnics and camping to motor boating and sky watching; even an entire day seems too little to explore the countless attractions.

To add to the adventure, Chatham Axes is the latest special attraction in the county. Axe-throwing for family fun time? You’re in for a thrilling experience like never before!

Sports Fun

In the mood for quality sports? You can head over to any of the county’s scenic golf courses including the Governors Club and Siler City courses — famed for hosting national level tournaments.

For fitness enthusiasts, the Chatham County bicycle trail covers a 198-mile distance around the district. You can also stop over along the way for a bit of sight-seeing, if you wish to.

A Treat For Wildlife and Animal Lovers

From endangered wildlife to friendly horses and busy bees — Chatham County is a sanctuary for animals.

At the Carnivore Preservation Trust, you can visit tigers, Caracas, and much more, as they roam freely across their well-maintained habitats.

You can also pop by the numerous farms, where you get a chance to closely watch the dairy works and interact with the animals. Moreover, with the Pittsboro and Fearrington Farmers’ Markets, there is an exciting variety of produce to try out.

The Potential in Real Estate

Considering settling down in the beautiful county? Or searching for lucrative investments in the property business? Chatham County is brimming with real estate opportunities.

The average listing prices of the homes in the county ranges from $400-450 thousand with prices showing an increasing trajectory over the past couple of years. If you’re interested in investing in reliable property, Chatham County is a safe bet. Also, you can expect a property to sell within 2-3 months, and even faster in Pittsboro.

But for home buyers that doesn’t mean finding a place for yourself will be very difficult. The supply of houses is sufficiently higher than the demand, as newer houses are built and old ones revamped for a new look. Thus, it’s still very much a buyer’s market where you can easily negotiate a price that’s within your budget.


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Graph of Chatham County Historic Real Estate Prices

Graph of Chatham County Real Estate Prices


Historical Real Estate Prices in Chatham County, North Carolina

Siler City$134,662$139,698$145,163
Info Provided by North Carolina Real Estate Commission


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