Chapel Hill, NC


Southern Part of Heaven

Often known as the ‘Southern Part of Heaven,’ the town of Chapel Hill is named after the New Hope Chapel that once stood upon the hill at the crossing of two roads. Though the Church no longer exists anymore, the fabled Carolina Inn stands as a reminder in the same location.

Life in Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is situated in the center of North Carolina and is home to a community where the diversity of people, ideas, and opportunities converge.

It is sometimes referred to as the ‘foodie’s paradise’. You can find a wide selection of restaurants, movie theatres, book stores, music festivals, and art shows that cover the town extensively.

Chapel Hill: The College Town

Chapel Hill is home to the renowned ‘University of the Northern Carolina’ that was founded as an affordable alternative to the Ivy League Universities.

Many of the town’s business and attractions revolve around the University which is why it has earned the title of being a ‘college town’.

Students from all over the country and from abroad come to be a part of the institution. It not only adds to the diversity of Chapel Hill but is also a center of research and innovation.

Top Spots for Vacationing

Apart from the famous university, there are numerous unique spots in the city that are worth visiting. If you have a passion for the arts, the Ackland Art Museum features an amazing collection of paintings.
On the other hand, if you’re looking to enjoy a bit of history you could check out the Carolina Basketball Museum or the Chapel Hill Museum. The Kidzu Children’s Museum is also a fun stop for anyone with kids looking for a cool weekend trip.

Alternatively, if you are looking to explore and embrace something natural and beautiful, head over to North Carolina Botanical Garden or Coker Arboretum.

Real Estate Industry in Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill housing has been one of the hottest markets in North Carolina for the past few years and it looks like the trend will continue. Home prices are gradually rising which signals both potential for investors and a call to buyers to hurry up.

One point in favor of Chapel Hill’s real estate investment is the presence of a relatively young population. The town’s market is aided by the fact that a large number of graduates from all over choose to stay in the area to work after graduation.

To meet the demands of the growing population of millennials, the real estate market is undergoing development to make more houses and apartments available. This is why the Chapel Hill area is expected to have a favorable future for real estate.


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