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Overview of Living in Burlington, NC and It’s Real Estate Market

If you are one of those people who love peaceful, less crowded, and relatively small towns – Burlington is the place for you.

Located in the heart of North Carolina, Burlington is known as the “town of quality and progress” and boasts a population of only 50,000.

Safe neighborhoods, fun festivals, and amazing weather conditions make Burlington an ideal city to live in or spend your vacation.

Pleasant Climate

Burlington has a pleasant and enjoyable climate. The summers are relatively mild and it doesn’t get unbearably chilly in winters.

Moreover, during summers, many people from different cities in North Carolina visit Burlington only to experience the soothing warmth.

Amusement Parks

Where better than the best amusement parks to enjoy a day of fun and adventure with the family? Burlington is famous for providing its visitors with an unforgettable experience at its many theme parks.

The one that tops the list is Burlington Town Park Amusement Area. With old-fashioned rides like the carousel, miniature train & boats, a playground, and much more, your kids will not let you leave the place!

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Attractions in Burlington

Burlington has several attractions to offer that bring the tourists and the locals towards them. For example, the Willowbrook Arboretum are enough to fulfill any nature lover’s dream.

But if your interests lie in something more thrilling, then you can go to the Burlington Bike Park to enjoy a sporty time.

Exploring History

There are numerous museums in the city that have preserved the town’s rich history that goes as far back as the nineteenth century.

Even if you find history a little boring, the fascinating collection of artifacts at the Alamance County Historical Museum will surely be worth your time.

You can also visit the Alamance Battleground State Historic Site to take a walk on the grounds that have played a great role in what the city is today.

Real Estate of Burlington

The supply of houses in Burlington is in excess of the demand. A key factor behind that is many residents feel rents are affordable enough and they can do without becoming homeowners. Thus, the town of Burlington presents an evenly balanced population of homeowners and renters.

But as the population of the small town gradually begins to increase, the demand for housing is expected to rise. Thus, if you buy now with the intention to sell in a few years, you can expect a reasonable profit.

Moreover, the waiting period after listing your property is under 2 months on average, so you won’t have to wait long to find a buyer.

Make the Best of the Burlington Estate

From the weather to the amusement parks, there are a lot of reasons the make Burlington the place to be. You can capitalize on this opportunity by becoming a homeowner and selling the property as prices rise.

Don’t even worry about whom to sell to. Painless Home Buying, a We Buy Houses in North Carolina service, will purchase your property as soon as you are ready to sell!

So, what’s the wait for?

Real Estate in Burlington, NC

We take a look at the real estate in Burlington, NC by showing some of the notes from some of the homes we toured in the area.


Address: xxx Audrey Lane, Burlington, NC.

List Price: $200,000

Description:  4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 0.2 acres, 1935 Sq. Ft.

Comments: Modern architecture with large windows and asphalt roofing.  Recently installed fireplace in living room. Hardwood flooring and long corridors that give a luxurious feel. Located at a corner with a garage for single parking and front and backyard for recreational activities.

Considerations: Fetches great price by being a corner plot. Recently paint and repair work is completed. Quiet neighborhood but with decent schooling and other facilities.


Address: xxx Sellars Mill Road, Bulington, NC

List Price: $214,000

Description:  4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 0.6 acres, 1885 Sq. Ft.

Comments: Bathrooms have good storage as does the kitchen with new flooring. Offers parking space for one and spacious front and back yards. Free airflow maintains good ventilation and offers optimal natural light.

Considerations: Peaceful neighborhood but the property lacks security features. Suited for people that like rural, open living areas. Rental income opportunities are rare.


Address: xxx Wilkins Street, Burligton, NC

List Price: $150,000

Description: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 0.3 acres, 1650 Sq. Ft.

Comments: Comes with vinyl flooring. Great heating and cooling to keep you cozy in all seasons. The house needs no major repairs but plenty of small repairs and some maintenance for the roof and the front garden.

Considerations: Not as aesthetically pleasing as other houses in the area and may therefore not fetch as good a price. In a good neighborhood, prices will still appreciate. Also, renters are frequently searching for maintained housing.


Address: xxx Whitsett Street, Burlington, NC

List Price: $160,000

Description: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 0.25 acres, 1,350 Sq. Ft.

Comments: Small covered area with open kitchen plan connected with lounge.

No garage or parking space and backyard is largely unused. Outside shed can be converted into greenhouse.

Considerations: Needs major repairs and security features as well as porch maintenance. Predicted not to fetch a reasonable price but growth rates are slow. Not too far from highway.


Address: xxx Waverly Way, Burlington, NC

List Price: $200,000

Description: 4 beds, 3 bathrooms, 0.3 acres, 1,370 Sq. Ft.

Comments: Small area but the space is optimized for maximum usage. The kitchen is recently upgraded with added storage and new granite. Staircase is fairly tight-spaced.

Considerations: Appreciating prices in neighborhood are unlikely to affect price of this real estate unless expansion is carried out. Overall, location is ideal with schools, malls, and public transport easily available.


Address: xxx Huntley Way, Burlington, NC

List Price: $300,000

Description: 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 0.07 acres, 2,120 Sq. Ft.

Comments: Recent construction with modern architecture designed for a single family with its own private pool and hardwood flooring. Contains a basement for laundry and comes with several appliances as well as cooling and heating features.

Considerations: Aesthetically pleasing architecture helps the property attract great prices. Nearby houses are also well-designed with overall neighborhood in-demand. Very high flipping potential.

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