How To Sell Your NC House Fast

What Real Estate Investors Offer

Real estate investors have the ability to purchase a home with cash.  The great thing about this is neither the investor nor seller needs to worry about things such as FHA approval of the fitness of the house – for example if the foundation is in need of serious repair, a retail buyer wouldn’t be able to purchase the home.

Cash also avoids issues such as changes in the retail buyer’s ability to finance, such as the buyer suddenly finding they lost their job, so their financing falls through.

Get Started, Contact a Real Estate Investor Today

I’m not aware of any real estate investor who charges to look at a home and to provide an offer – so there’s no downside except perhaps a little wasted time if it doesn’t work out.  Yet, even if you don’t accept the offer, having an independent person review your property may give you some ideas, such as quick fixes, that you can do before you sell your home, so perhaps no downside whatsoever!

Painless Home Buying is a real estate investor, so feel free to contact us!

If you’re still unsure, please be sure to read about the pros and cons of using a real estate investor.

When to Use a Real Estate Agent

If you’re house is in a desirable location, and it’s reasonably fixed up, you may come out ahead using a real estate agent.  Be sure to calculate in the 5-6% real estate commission that comes off the final price.

If you decide to consider this route, make sure the real estate agent provides a Current Market Value (CMV) estimate that you should list your home for.  If the comparisons are available, you would like a sale that occurred fewer than 6 months ago, and has similar square footage, and is in similar shape.  Do not use a general real estate for your estimate, they can be quite off of the true value of your home, typically 10-15% above it’s true market value.


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