About Us

About Us

Re-defining Selling A Home

Who We Are

David Hampshere has over 20 years experience as a real estate investor.  Having recently moved to North Carolina and founded Painless Home Buying.

Painless Home Buying, a We Buy Houses service in North Carolina, is a local real estate investment firm that specializes in buying of residential properties in Wake, Durham, Harnett, Lee, Chatham, Moore, Alamance, Cumberland counties and the surrounding areas. We have been helping North Carolina home owners sell their homes fast and for a fair cash price.

With 20 years of experience, our approach is to always listen to the home owners, discuss the options they have available (sometimes we are not the best solution for them, such as selling via MLS), and when possible conduct a quick, painless yet fair deal for everyone.

Even though we are real estate investors, our own life has seen ups and downs, so we don’t judge.  We know you can be in a tough spot through no fault of your own, so please don’t hesitant to contact us to start a conversation and see how we can help.

We buy houses, duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, condos, townhomes and mobile homes.  We buy these in any condition, as-is, so you don’t have to worry about spending any effort on your fixing or cleaning up your home.

We Listen to Your Concerns and Goals to Reach a Win-Win

Were not here just for ourselves, we want every transition to result in both parties getting a fair deal. Thus, when you come to us with a home to sell, we try to give you a variety of options that cater to your unique needs.

While we’re able to offer cash for homes, sometimes it may be best for you to go through a realtor.  We’re not realtors, so we’ll get zero money from this, but that’s okay, we know we’re not the right solution for everyone.

We’ll discuss your situation, the problems you’re trying to solve, and with our experience we can come up with creative solutions that you may have never thought of.

However, when we are the best solution for you – as we have been for countless other home sellers in North Carolina – we can swiftly take the process forth.

It has been an exceptional experience collaborating with Painless Home Buying. I have sold 3 of my properties to them and I am elated with the service provided. Minimum hassle, no hidden fees whatsoever, and straightforward process – cannot ask for more. Highly recommend!
Robert W.

Not Just Another Real Estate Investor: Our Story

Not just another home investment agency, Painless Home Buying was born as the answer to an unsatisfactory home selling system.

As we looked around us and heard from others, it seemed everybody who wished to sell their home was in one complication or the other. From paying hefty commissions to realtors to uncountable home viewings to potential buyers, it seems it all led to a lot of stress, and presented disappointing results instead – draining time, money, and energy.

For us, a home sale is as important as a home purchase. Sometimes, you wish to sell a residence because of you just don’t click with a neighbor, or sometimes a divorce, family issues, or financial constraints are driving factors. In each of these tough circumstances, people need to know their options and a way to reduce their stress. Unfortunately, for many people, listing with a real estate agent didn’t line up with their unique situation.

To eliminate stress and hassle from the real estate industry, Painless Home Buying came into being; an enterprise that makes the home sale process painless. No extra charges, no hidden fee, we pay you top-dollar for your home in North Carolina.

No Hassle, No Work: We Buy “As-Is”

When we say painless, we actually mean painless.

We take away the effort and hassle from the usual home selling procedure. Where you would have once needed to make ample repairs, upgrade the kitchen with granite counter tops, get a fresh coat of paint, and maintain the fixtures; our home-buying asks you one thing only: Nothing!  Well, okay, I guess asking you to sign the contract would qualify as something.

There is no need for repairs, staging, or preparing for a house viewing. We take your home “as-is”, without any work, financially draining repairs or any other worries.

The Way to a Seamless Home Sale: 3-Steps to Selling Your Home to Us

Here’s how we work:

1. Understand Your Situation

We start out by understanding your motivations, because this will drive the type of deal we run into.  For example, some people just want the cash to move on, others want to make sure they have enough money to move and pay a deposit on their next home, still others want to try to get some cash flow to offset their income.  We find each situation is unique, so we make sure we come up with an offer to meet your unique situation.  Based on your description of the condition of the home, we can make an immediate offer.

2. Inspect the Home

We believe in giving an offer and standing by it, so unless we find something critical, our original offer stands and becomes final.  To make sure nothing critical was missed, we need to inspect the home and determine what it would take to make it available to the next buyer or renter.

We will also verify title at this stage.

3. Close

We’ll work with you to identify a convenient time to close, then close.  That’s it.

In Summary

Whether it’s divorce, foreclosure, inherited property, probate, or even a burdensome rental property, that you no longer want the hassle of tenants. Stop the frustration of your unwanted property. Let us buy your NC house now, regardless of the properties condition!

We welcome homeowners in many varieties of situations that contact us concerning their home selling needs. But regardless of your personal situation or home condition, our team will do our best to buy your house fast, and for cash with minimum stress and time!

So, if you wish to sell your home to us, request a fair cash offer on your home from We Buy Houses in North Carolina.